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Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Tysmenytsya district., P. Yamnytsya,

Str. Galician 58 / corp. 212

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+38 (0342) 59-51-31

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Dana Metal's vision



The vision is to be known in the international market as a flexible supplier, who can fulfil the customers' wishes now and in the future.

Dana Metal's mission


The mission is to make profit through flexibility - delivery at agreed time - delivery of agreed amount - delivery in agreed quality - delivery at agreed price.

These 5 competences are continuously developed towards every single customer, and thus contribute to increase value for the customer.


Core values at Dana Metal


Dana Metal wishes to be an innovative supplier, who through the 5 competences gains the customer's trust.


Dana Metal achieves the best raw materials through mutual trust between the suppliers.


Employees and management are seeking through flexibility and a high commitment to create a working place, where solutions are found instead of obstruction. The working environment is developed through cooperation and according to the saying: Treat the others as you want to be treated.


Through the right choice of the materials, Dana Metal takes care about  the environment and provides safe working place for the employees.