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Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Tysmenytsya district., P. Yamnytsya,

Str. Galician 58 / corp. 212

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+38 (0342) 59-51-31

+38 (0342) 59-51-35

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We offer all common operations in production:

  • Sraightening and cutting of wire up to diam.8 mm
  • All common types of pressing and bending (incl. 2D and 3D)
  • Contact welding (spot-welding and end welding, T-welding)
  • CO2 welding and Argon welding
  • Cutting and punching from coil
  • Hole punching in flat iron (from coil or strips)
  • Bending and pressing of the flat iron and steel plate
  • All common drilling tasks
  • Cutting on high definition Plasma cutting machine


  • Items for transportation are packed on the Euro pallets (for export), on the regular pallets (for internal use in Ukraine), with wooden frames, or into the carton boxes.
  • If required we provide packing into the shrink bags of different sizes (400*400 1000-3200)
  • Packing of the furniture accessories is done into separate bags.