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Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Tysmenytsya district., P. Yamnytsya,

Str. Galician 58 / corp. 212

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Dana Metal - is a supplier who can and will follow the development of the customers.

Our main business area is manufacturing of wire products and working with steel plates, tubes and steel constructions.


Dana Metal Ukraine is a daughter company of the Danish company Dana Metal Denmark, which is located in the Western part of Denmark (danametal.dk). Dana Metal Ukraine is located in the Western part of Ukraine, in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk.

Dana Metal is a flexible supplier, with great capacity and 13 years experience, of producing wire products and steel constructions, for the Ukrainian market, as well as for other European markets, especially Denmark. Currently we employ over 170 experienced and qualified employees.



5 strong Dana Metal competences:

Flexibility - Delivery in agreed time - In agreed amount - In agreed quality - For agreed price

- which we fulfill by these strong resources:


Production and Surface treatment


Our production area is more than 5300 m². The machinery is up to date, and there is an investment in several CNC pressbrakes, high definition plasma and welding robots for handling and welding wire products - steelplates tubes - steel constructions.

The smallest item is 0,05 kg and the biggest is 2800 kg.

Surface treatment: Plastic coating, Talisman coating, galvinizing (through sub-contractor) 


Management and Quality


We have a very commited and dedicated management with great experience in the company. The management consists of Ukrainian as well as Danish managers, and they are always ready to work with the customers to satisfy the customers' needs and wishes.

There are two dedicated managers, one Ukrainian manager and one Danish production engineer, for ensuring the focus on quality in all levels of the company.


Strong logistic


Dana Metal has an efficient logistic department, which sends 1-3 trucks to Denmark every week, handles transport internally in Ukraine or to other destinations in Europe.





The employees and the management in Ukraine are well educated and receive regular internal trainings at Dana Metal. They have typically 5  11 years of experience.

The Danish project managers and the management in Denmark have more than 20 years experience in the business.