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Cable system is a self-adjusting set of wire trays for cable installation.
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Wire cable tray is the most advanced type of trays for cable installing. It has lots of advantages,  in comparison with other types of cable installing, such as: easy assembling; light-weight construction; possibility to make turns, ups and downs; using different angles without any additional units; and besides, you can forget about any condensed fluid and razor-edges that can harm the cable.

The main advantage of cable systems, produced by our company, is fast and easy assembling. You will use the minimum amount of accessories during installing the system, what will make the project cheaper,and you will not need much time resources to complete the cable route. Sections' connection is performed easily due to technically developed sections design. They draw together without any additional fixing devices. To install the system you need only the handle and a special instrument to bend the hooks on the trays. In such a way you can have a strong, stable system with a possibility to manoeuvre. Any direction change or any level change can be directly performed at a place of setting.

The open structure of a cable system provides better cooling and a possibility to clean or inspect cables in the case of cable damage.  

Cable trays come standard in hot galvanizing, but it can also be supplied in any RAL color or electric galvanizing, depending on customer needs. For aggressive chemical environment and food industries, we are also ready to produce stainless steel wire trays.

Cable systems are installed beyond floating ceiling, under the raised floor, they can also be installed on walls or hanged up under the ceiling. For wall fixing there are specially designed handles. Wire cable trays are also used in master connecting rods, in telecommunications industry, in industrial enterprises and other spheres, where you may need a huge amount of cables with a possibility of fast access.




Depending on the cable tray width (100mm,200mm or 300mm), the company supplies 3 cable system sets, that include trays and accessories for system installing.




Standard modules

and accessories

for 200mm tray width


                            For more detailed information, download the brochure above.